mountain unicycling

seriously? seriously.
mountain unicycling = mountain biking + unicycling and it's perhaps the craziest thing you can do in the dirt. mountain biking is a cinch compared to mountain unicycling where good balance and gonads of steel are required to even attempt a trail ride. if you think you're up to the challenge or just want to find out more, keep reading!

what kind of unicycle do you ride?
er, a mountain unicycle. it's pretty similar to a regular unicycle but is fitted with fatter, knobby tires. there are all different sizes as you can see in the photos below.

what is going on in the photos above?
the first photo shows a mountain unicycle rider taking part in a traditional mountain bike festival limbo competition where the object, obviously, is to ride under the bar without knocking it over. the second photo shows another mountain bike festival game called the bunny hop competition. in this event the object is to see who can jump the highest.

where do you ride a mountain unicycle?
the same places you ride your mountain bike. even the most technical terrain is rideable on a mountain unicycle, it just takes a little longer to navigate since you need to "hop" to get around. we've even seen guys riding super steep terrain in places like telluride, co so pretty much anything is possible.

how much does a mountain unicycle cost?
surprisingly, mountain unicycles aren't cheap. you can get a mountain unicycle starting around $200 but a good quality ride will set you back $400 or more. depending on the upgrades, mountain unicycles can easily cost more than $1,000.

how do you ride a mountain unicycle?
keep falling off until you don't fall off as much. unicycling is one of those things that takes a tremendous amount of practice and mountain unicycling takes the need for practice to an extreme.

can i see some hot mountain unicyclng action here?
sure, here are two decent mountain unicycling videos. the first gives a nice overview of mountain unicycling, the second shows what extreme mountain unicycling is all about.

are there other names for mountain unicycling?
those in the know call it 'muni' and we suppose you could also call it municycling. but then people would laugh at you.

where do you buy a mountain unicycle?
some bike shops are starting to carry them. also check online if you can't find them in your area.